After eight years of research and development, we are excited to present Nebula as our newest breakthrough product. The Nebula Cooling Networking specializes in solutions for cooling, wetting, humidication and ventilation. It is one of our most innovative and technologically advanced projects, and we are proud to be the sole manufacturer worldwide.

A Nebula Cooling Network consists of:
> Individual Nebulas with water and power supply
> Temperature and humidity sensors
> Network controller
Cabling - up to 1,500m CAT5 cable
> Up to 255 Nebulas per network

At the heart of the network is our rotary atomizer caled the Nebula. A rotary atomizer is able to disperse fluids (including liquid soluble mixtures) into a mist of fine droplets. This allows Nebula to be a climate control solution applicable across a variety of situations and range of locations.

We currently have selective governmental projects in progress with Dubai, Turkey, Japan, Taiwan, amongst others. 

The key advantages of the Nebula are:

> Climate (humidity, temperature, etc) control for large scale areas. The Nebula system allows complete control and monitoring of the necessary humidity percentage and temperature levels for any large scale areas incluing stadiums, farms (botanical and livestock), construction and mining sites, hotels and government buildings.

Diffuse water soluble ingredients. Nebula is currently in discussion with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to include water soluble fertilizer to be diffused in certain farming conditions. Likewise, Nebula can also be used to diffuse a counteragent to common epidemics in livestock.

> Low energy consumption. Nebula consumes only 24VDC of electricity; a low consumption level compared to similar units that use larger motor generation.

> Reduces the risk of static shock. Static shock is mostly due to cold, dry winters or climates which can be dangerous in highly flammable situations. Nebula humidifies the area thus reducing the risk of static shock. 

> Increases humidity and retains moisture in the air where needed. This is particularly useful for areas once considered unsuitable to farm certain plants but will now be possible with the installation of the Nebula system.


Opportunities for Development 

> Poultry farming: reduce mortality rate and increase output weight. The Nebula cooling system controls the temperature of the site thus reducing the body heat and body temperature of livestock. This creates a favorable environment for the livestock while also preserving body weight from less energy burnt off as body heat. 

> Pig farming: improve skin texture and output weight. A hot and dry atmosphere provokes skin disease in pigs. With Nebula maintaining the moisture and cool of the site, the pig skin is able to retain moisture improving skin texture and ultimately, heavier produce weight. 

> Construction/mining industries: regulate dust count and minimize dirt particles. The dust and dirt particles kicked into the air during construction is not only uncomfortable for workers but it may also lead to respiratory or health issues. Using the Nebula misting system will minimize the dust and dirt particles in the air. The Nebula system can then be reapplied in controlling the indoor climate of the finished structure thus extending its product life. 

> Flower and botanical farming: larger harvest and quality output. Certain plants require a humid environment to grow well and with higher quality. With Nebula controlling the moisture and temperature of the envionment, certain plants originally thought unable to farm in present conditions will now be able to thrive. 

Entertainment industries: promote ideal climates and comfort levels. The Nebula system lends itself to regulate the right humidity level for a more comfortable and cleaner environment. If suitable, scents may also be added for appeal and/or branding purposes.